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“Have You Ever Loved Someone
That You Never Had?”...
BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA: No doubt, this is possible--loving someone you’ve never had. If not you, then maybe someone you know. In PROMISES BEYOND JORDAN, a novel by Vanessa Davis Griggs, George Landris speaks these words to Theresa Jordan, his wife-to-be, as he rushes off to search for Johnnie Mae Taylor--a woman he once loved--after learning she and her family were in a serious car accident. Being that it’s nine days before he and Theresa are set to wed, a natural sense of uneasiness starts to loom.

But then Theresa has a few problems of her own brewing. One which stems from a promise her father--Richard, now Bishop Jordan--made thirty years ago to Lena Patterson: a 20-year-old woman critically burned in a fire. As secrets begin to surface, they may prove Theresa’s (as well as some others’) undoing. Add to this a scandal threatening to split, if not destroy, Wings of Grace Faith Ministry Church (along with its unconventional, dreadlocks-wearing, Word-teaching pastor), and you have all the necessary ingredients for a spirited, drama-filled, smorgasbord of a story. Help yourself to the buffet.
Set in Atlanta and Birmingham (with an incident in Winston-Salem); this suspense-woven tale of family, love, friendship, commitment, sacrifice, ministry, promises, and scars (seen and unseen) is said to be “like a puzzle you put together.” PROMISES BEYOND JORDAN: A novel that defiantly keeps it real in a real world, is spiritual without being preachy. A heart-tugging story that will make you think, laugh, cry; and most of all, appreciate those you love and those who love you. One reader stated, “It will have you on the edge wishing you could read faster just to know what happens next.” Just one word of advice--a reminder really: BREATHE. As you turn the pages, do remember to take a breath. And breathe.
For excerpts or more information, visit This book is available through your bookseller or call toll free: 1-800-431-1579. In conjunction with the December 1, 2001, publication date; Griggs will tour 12 cities promoting this 260 page, Trade paperback novel (ISBN 0-9673003-2-0).