Author Vanessa Davis Griggs' Scrapbook
Vanessa at
Vanessa Davis Griggs
in Houston, Texas
for's "Brick & Mortar" Grand Opening
September 16, 2000

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Vanessa & Anita
Vanessa and Anita Richmond Bunkley
Author of Stepping Out With Attitude
Anita Bunkley Richmond & Margie Walker
Anita Richmond Bunkley with Margie Walker
(Author of Remember Me)
Anita Bunkley Richmond
Maxine Thompson, Margie Walker, Jacquese Council-Silvas
Maxine Thompson (Author of No Pockets in a Shroud), Margie Walker (Remember Me), and Jacquese Council-Silvas (Forwards & Backwards)
Franklin White
Franklin White
(Author of 'Til Death Do Us Part)
and Franklin with Vanessa Davis Griggs

Cushcity patrons

Cushcity patron with "The Rose of Jericho"

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