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Vanessa Davis Griggs & Ella Wells
Vanessa Davis Griggs
attending a book discussion on

The Rose of Jericho

Hosted by: Ella Wells

October 7, 2000 in Birmingham, AL

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Group Discussion
"Now who besides me thought at the
beginning it was a...?"
Group Discussion
"The part with the father and Johnnie Mae really affected me because it made me think of my own father and it made you see things you may have forgotten."
Group Discussion
"I don't care what you say, Johnnie Mae should have gotten herself up out of George Landris' place. She didn't have
any business in that Jacuzzi I don't care how upset or lonely she might have been!"

Vanessa with guest at book discussion

Thank you all for a lively discussion! And a special thanks to our gracious host--It was indeed a discussion to go down in the books!

Vanessa with Mom and Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary, Mom, & Vanessa

A few of the questions/observations that came up in The Rose of Jericho discussion:

  • What did you think about Solomon?
  • I love the relationship Countess had with her son-in-law.
  • Why did Johnnie Mae feel so strongly about what truthfully stood between and ultimately changed the way she acted toward her father?
  • What was really going on between Johnnie Mae and George Landris?
  • Do women give up some things when pursuing an accomplished career?
  • Did Johnnie Mae and George Landris have something going on?
  • Why do friends go off on another friend without knowing all the facts?
  • Let's talk about the brother!
  • What about Flick? Wasn't he awful!
  • What do you do when you're wrong about a friend you've just blasted?
  • Can people of the opposite sex have a relationship without crossing the line?
  • Let's talk about the ending of the book how it as well as the rest affected us.

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