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Vanessa with Dottie Walters
Vanessa Davis Griggs in California

October 20-23, 2000

Pictured here with Dottie Walters, Author of Speak & Grow Rich

Walters International Speakers Bureau

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Jacci, Vanessa & Stephanie
The nice thing about the SPAN College/Conference is the people you meet. That is, if you're blessed enough to meet some of the wonderful people I've had the pleasure of meeting.
Los Angeles
Los Angeles

The LA (SPAN) Gang

Top: Lee Murphy, Author of Where Legends Roam

Middle: Arlene T. Dyer, Author of You Got the Job...Now What?

Bottom: Purple People--At one with the

    Vanessa Griggs in California

    Vanessa with the palm trees of California

    Vanessa Griggs & Diane

    Vanessa & Diane with Central Plains Book Manufacturing Company

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