Author Vanessa Davis Griggs' Scrapbook
Vanessa with Dottie Walters
Vanessa Davis Griggs in California

October 20-23, 2000

Pictured here with Dottie Walters, Author of Speak & Grow Rich

Walters International Speakers Bureau

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Printers and Industry People
Left: Marty & Diane Gilliland of Central Plains Book Manufacturing
Right: David Prentice of Vaughan Printing, Inc.
Left: Dave Raymond of Thomson-Shore
Right: Carolyn Olson Quality Books, Inc.

Vanessa sitting on the rock

The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean (off the pier of Rodonda Beach)

No, this is not a postcard--


It's what my very own eyes beheld!


Forget about those who don't do right by you...

Be thankful for those who DO right by you, count your many blessings, live YOUR life to the fullest, and let God take care of the rest!

What then is left to be said...

From Vanessa Davis Griggs, the author of Destiny Unlimited and The Rose of Jericho

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