Author Vanessa Davis Griggs' Scrapbook
Vanessa with Les Brown
Vanessa Davis Griggs in Washington, DC

November 24-26, 2000

Pictured with Les Brown / Author & Motivational Speaker

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Vanessa at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Vanessa and Jonique's artist, Jimmie
Vanessa with the up-and-coming famous abstract artist of Jonique "Jimmie"
Patrons of Black Expo DC
Gigi of Drum and Spear
Gigi of Drum and Spear Bookstore
Patrons of Black Expo DC
Real readers as we stand in front of my
neighbor's booth: The Network Journal

Patrons of Black Expo DC

Vanessa with Left: Emma S. Etuk, Ph.D
What's So Good About Christianity?
Five Amazing Ways the Gospel has Influenced and Blessed Our Lives
Right: Fred 'V-Man' Watson
Victory Over Violence

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