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Words Escape Me Summit
Vanessa Davis Griggs (with Anita Bunkley and WEM volunteers) in Birmingham, AL

"Words Escape Me" Summit

February 9-11, 2001

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Zelda Miles, Words Escape Me
Zelda Oliver-Miles introducing
Author/Speaker - Vanessa Davis Griggs
"Motivating You(th) to Reach Their Potential"
Vanessa Davis Griggs
Words Escape Me Summit
Above: Cydney Rax & Evelyn Coleman
Center: Jacquelin Thomas & Kim Matthews
Below: Timmothy McCann & Parry Brown
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble Bookstore at the Summit
Angela Gabriel ...please, take a bow!
Vanessa & Rev. Mendez
Vanessa signing books for Rev. Mendez
Brandon Massey
Brandon Massey ("Thunderland") & Vanessa Cydney Rax
Cydney Rax & Vanessa
Timmothy McCann
Timmothy McCann ("Always" & "Until...")
& Vanessa

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