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NC School of the Arts

April 3, 2001
in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Here's my tour of North Carolina's School of the Arts
(except the first photo which was actually taken at Mamadou Diabate and Ensemble's Concert (but since Charles--that's his name--is affiliated with North Carolina's School of the Arts, I thought he should be here instead of over there. Got it? Good!)

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North Carolina School of the Arts
Above: Charles McClennahan is Filmmaker-in Residence: Production Design. He has designed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Cort Theatre, and the Eugene O'Neill Theatre. Production design credits include HAITIAN CORNER and HANGIN' WITH THE HOMEBOYS. Art direction credits include MO' BETTER BLUES and commercials for Nike and Diet Coke.
Below: Leander Sales is Filmmaker-in-Residence: Editing and Sound. Award-winning director of DON'T LET YOUR MEAT LOAF, Associate film editor of Spike Lee's CLOCKERS and GIRL SIX. Editor of Lee's GET ON THE BUS. Music videos include: Youssou N'Dour, Fishbone, Stevie Wonder, State of the Art. Assistant Editor credits include MALCOLM X, DO THE RIGHT THING, JUNGLE FEVER, MO' BETTER BLUES, SCHOOL DAZE and CROOKLYN.
Now--the wonderful ladies in the middle will help you in getting processed and so much more. I'm hoping some of you talented people out there who have ideas of pursing your dreams (and should it have anything to do with filmmaking) you'll check out this school of the Arts.
North Carolina School of the Arts
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 Leander took me (and two others) on a tour of the editing (first the old way, and yes you must learn it this way first)...Leander Sales - Editing

Then the new way...ah, yes...computers.

NC School of the Arts

Leander's world of Editing

Thanks Leander for the tour!

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