Author Vanessa Davis Griggs' Scrapbook
Vanessa with Odessa Woolfork

Vanessa visiting with a Youth Camp
held at the Historic Birmingham Civil Rights Institute - June 2001
(pictured here with the wonderful and very special Ms. Odessa Woolfork!)

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Youth Camp

    Charles Crockrom, Sr. & speaking to the Youth Camp Gang!

 Charles Crockcrom, Sr.

Charles Crockrom, Sr. telling a history lesson like you won't believe!



Youth Camp

Ms. Odessa Woolfork showing pictures and enlightening the group of eager learners!


Vanessa talking about taking off the limits in what you can do, be, and have!

Youth Camp 


Vanessa with the Youth Camp Group learning about their history and
 Vanessa, Charles, Odessa

 What a Way, to Start the Day!

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