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Vanessa & Greg Godek

Vanessa Davis Griggs attending SPAN College (Small Publishers Association of North America) Continuing Education held October 19-21, 2001, in Atlanta, Georgia pictured here with

Greg J. P. Godek: 1001 Ways to be Romantic

Promises Beyond Jordan
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Span Conference -Greg Godek

Above: Marilyn & Tom Ross (SPAN Founders)
Below: Gregory J. P. Godek Opening Keynote: From Self-publisher to Mega Bestsellers Tips & Tales

Span Conference 2001

Above: Merry Schiff (List Mom for SPAN listserv!)
Below: Marisa D'Vari showing us how to Mesmerize the Media with Hypnotic News Releases



Span Conference
(Top): Publisher-Printer Relationship Panel
(L-R:) Tom Ross-SPAN, David Prentice-Vaughan Printing, & Henry Ayala-Tu-Vets Corp.
(Middle):Felton Stevens, Jr.-AWM Publishing
(Bottom): Marilyn McGuire-NAPRA
(Top) :Edward Busee & Randy DeMarco-Quest Print
(Middle): Edward Busse, Vanessa, & Thomas R. Hassenger-Center for Marriage Enhancement
(Bottom): Bill & Jenny Wensel-Back Yard Publisher. There's David Prentice holding a sign that says (an inside joke)
 SPAN College 2001
Some of the attendees during lunchSPAN College 2001
Carolyn Howard-Johnson (author of "This is the Place" talking about Sell Books Like Hotcakes: A Fresh Take on Sales Opportunities
SPAN College 2001
Above: Pamela Terry of Opus1 Design
Below: Marilyn, Tom, and SpanWorks editor, Dan Seidman
SPAN 2001
Top: Dan Seidman speaking on Twenty-First Century Selling Strategies
Middle: Peter Bowerman speaking on How a First-Timer Struck Gold with 3 Major Book Clubs & Internet Marketing
Bottom: Georgia Carpenter sharing with the members tips that have worked for her.

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