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 July 5, 2004
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Okay, so it's been a while since I've written anything here, but trust me, I've not been just sitting around collecting dust. Okay, so some dust might have gotten on me, but it has come from traveling from place to place. As in the Bible when Jesus told His disciples if you happen to go somewhere and the people don't receive you (I'm paraphrasing here) to just "shake the dust from you feet" and keep going, I found that advice to have come in handy for at least one event. Still, God is so good!
All right, so without further delay, let's see how much I can catch up without boring you too much. I'm adding photos from some of my encounters as far back as September 19, 2004. I had every intention of keeping a good pace with the photos online of my adventures, BUT, my photos have to be converted to a smaller size to put online or some of you would surely leave me before they all uploaded. It takes time to adjust each picture before they are even ready to be loaded and accessed. On top of that, I've been traveling somewhat. Okay, I'm going on and on again...let's just get started.
I was the speaker at Trinity Missionary Baptist Church for the women part of their Men & Women's Day during 11 a.m. services on September 19, 2004. I really enjoyed them! I spoke on "A Divine Recipe for God's Supernatural Power."
I spoke to a few teachers and staff at the JCCEO building in Birmingham, Alabama about reading and it's importance from my standpoint. But I also wanted to point out how teachers can affect a student's life (positively or negatively) years after they were in their class. That was October 14 and my mother's birthday, so as soon as I finished there, I jet-setted to spend time with her for her birthday (don't worry, she's in the same state).
October 29, 2004 found me leaving from the East Exhibition Hall in Birmingham, Alabama to make my way to a town in Western Kentucky for a reception that night at 6 p.m. On Saturday, October 30, 2004, I drove to Sturgis, Kentucky for the Western Kentucky Book Expo from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. I really enjoyed meeting the various people and probably the most exciting part was when I told one young woman I would be putting her picture on my Web site, she blushed like I'd never seen anyone blush before. She was such a sweetheart as was many of the young people who stopped by my table and talked with me. Thanks to all who purchased my book(s) or just were nice enough to make conversation with me.
November 19-20, 2004, I was with a group of women on fire for the Lord who definitely showed each other and those who were visiting a lot of love. It was Greater New Antioch Baptist Church Women's Intermediate Auxiliary Ministry held at Shocco Springs in Talladega, Alabama. The theme was from 2 Corinthians 5:17, "Getting a Make Over in Christ." I believe we took off some things and applied others and truly felt the makeover had begun and the best is yet to come!
Last on my list for this year was my visit to cities in Maryland and D. C., December 10-15, 2004. I flew in (man were my arms tired...okay, so that was corny), anyway, my plane landed Friday, December 10 and my host and hostess picked me up from the airport where we went straightway to Silver Springs, MD for a radio and Internet interview with Bill Thompson ( I had so much fun meeting the wonderful people there (Hi Pernell!). Bill and I had a great time (I suppose he'd agree). We discussed several things including the two of us fighting so we could get more publicity. Then I sort of planted in his head we should look at doing some type of reality show together. Yeah, okay, I'll let you know how that pans out: THE EBONY & IVORY Reality Show (I don't want to give too much away ;)
Later that Friday evening, I did a booksigning at the Karibu in Forestville Plaza. Michael (pronounced Mik-a-l) was really nice. There was a woman named Faye who came in with her book to be signed. She was so funny. Her family has been passing the book around and she had to put a callout to "whoever has my book I need it because the author is going to be here and I want my book signed!" Have you ever seen a book where at least 20 people have read it? LOL. I felt so proud that my book was so appreciated. There was also a couple who decided to each buy a book so they could read it at the same time and discuss it. Now how cool is that!
Saturday, December 11, I helped by serving some senior citizens (most who were in their 80s and 90s) for their Christmas dinner. I was a waitress, my first time ever (in an official capacity since waitressing at home doesn't count). One lady told them I did a great job and that "they should keep me on." Well, if this writing thing doesn't work out...
I then changed from Vanessa the Waitress, to Vanessa the Diva (okay, so everybody knows I'm still a Diva-In-Training...wait a minute, is that a DIT?). I was supposed to go to the Karibu in Bowie for a book discussion, but "The best laid plans of..." (you know the rest...I hope). No one had read my book (wow, talk about losing the a in diva for a div--okay, so I'm in rare form today!). Anyway, I decided to do an inspirational talk to the people who were there for the Black Writer's workshop. I think it turned out to be a blessing all the same. I got to meet Mr. Goodman of Karibu. And Lauren (an amazingly, wonderful, young, talented, and brilliant person) had gone with me. She loved being surrounded by so many African-American books. I promised her I'd buy any book she wanted, so she chose Princess Briana. It's a great book (yes, I read it).
I know you're getting tired, but hang in there just a little bit longer. Monday, December 13, 2004, I visited the Karibu Bookstore in PG Plaza. Oh, man! They made me feel so welcomed. They had my books out already. The table was set up (I arrived about 45 minutes early as I always try to be early instead of just on-time). They had my name on the marquee. I felt like someone really cared instead of the "red-headed step child" I feel at times by certain people (they will at least here, remain nameless, but you know who you are). I decided to walk around the mall and found 2 pairs of shoes (yes, I bought them ;-). I came back to the bookstore about 15 minutes before the time for me to sign and there was a woman there waiting at the table. Her name was Charlotte, and she had read and loved Promises Beyond Jordan. Their book club the "We-don't-have-a-name-but-maybe-we'll-called-ourselves
the Promises Book Club" was such a delight and a pleasure to meet. I wish I could tell you here some of the things they said to me but (due to the time) know this: They truly showed me some mad love (that's a good thing, Mama) and I appreciate them so much.
For the benefit of Betty (who highlighted and took extensive notes in her book as though it were a text book), everybody say this together. "Betty, Landris is not real." Oh, I loved this group!
Then there was the Press & Curls Book Club who have been such a blessing when I've visted Maryland. They were at the Borders Bookstore back in April of this year, and would you believe they came to support me again at Karibu in PG Plaza. Oh, I can't express how much that means to me. Jocelyn and members, thank you all so much!
To Marie Primas-Bradshaw and Jim Bradshaw who were my hosts while I was in D. C. and Maryland (and Jim who took a lot of the photos for me with the exception of the PG Plaza photos that Marie took) and Mark Davis (my cousin) who made sure I got to the Bowie Towne Center Karibu, I thank you all so much! I don't always know what God is up to, but believe me y'all, God is doing some mighty things in the lives of His people!
I kn
So until next time...
Vanessa Davis Griggs
Trinity Missionary Baptist Church
Trinity Missionary Baptist Church September 19, 2004
Taping of "The Almighty Eyes" Program
October 2, 2004
JCCEO Teachers
Reading Discussion with Birmingham
City Teachers & Staff at JCCEO
October 14, 2004
Alabama Reading
October 28, 2004
Western Kentucky Book Expo
held in Sturgis, Kentucky
October 30, 2004
Greater New Antioch Baptist Church
Women's Retreat at Shocco Springs
November 19-20, 2004
Vanessa with Bill Thompson
Check out my interview via the Internet!
Karibu Bookstore in Forestville, MD
Friday, December 10, 2004
This is Lauren at the Karibu in Bowie
Saturday, December 11, 2004
This is Charlotte. First in line waiting.
What line? Oh, don't worry, the line is coming!
December 13, 2004
Penn-Branch Book Club Reading
December 14, 2004
Hurricane Ivan came through back in September and caused a lot of damage and in my case, loss of power for 3 days. Two events I was to speak at were postponed and are being rescheduled. I did go to the For Sisters Only event held in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, September 18, 2004. Booking Matters Magazine, with the dynamic and wonderful Shunda and Jamill Leigh, were the authors' inviting host for the event. It was great meeting them, especially Shunda, after all this time of interacting via the Internet.
I met Stephanie Perry Moore for the first time and she is a blessing and a joy! Stephanie is the author of several books including a Teen Series with Moody Press. Her latest book out is: A Love Like No Otha' . I also met Kicheko with BET Books (PR department). She was there supporting the BET Books' authors who would be signing over the two-day event. And then there's a photo of me and Porsche Foxx (I have her kind of in my novel, Promises Beyond Jordan,) you know: "We're rocking the box, with Portia Fox."
One of the fun things is meeting people who have read your book(s) and they see you for the first time when they realize it's "really you" and they didn't know you were even going to be there. (WHEW, that was a mouthful!) I met Betty who was so gracious as to stop by the table when I was signing and when she realized she had read Promises Beyond Jordan and that I was the author, she made my trip to Atlanta even that much more special! Thank you Betty and the friend you also told who was there, "This is the author of that book we read. Oh we loved that book." So click and view all the photos I've added from this event.
I spoke at a church in Tuscaloosa on that Sunday morning (September 19): Trinity Missionary Baptist Church's Men & Women Day. I'll write more on that later as well as add the photos. I promised to get the photos up on my site from the FOR SISTERS ONLY event, and I want to get this done. I have to leave in about 2 hours to tape a TV show that will air on the Bright House Cable (Channel 4), Monday, October 11 at 3 p.m.. So I have to get ready for that. What to wear, what to wear? I hadn't thought about it ;-)
There's a lot going on in my life. Much of it is good! Many things requires much prayer from my end.
So until next time...
Vanessa Davis Griggs
Click to see photos during this log.
Vanessa & Shunda Leigh
Vanessa and Shunda Leigh of
Booking Matters Magazine while I
was in Atlanta, GA September 18, 2004
Vanessa & Porsche Foxx
Porsche Foxx with V-103 at the
For Sisters Only
September 18, 2004
Here's Betty! Their book club read
and I loved it.
September 18, 2004
Vanessa & Stephanie Perry Moore
Stephanie Perry Moore,
author extraordinaire! and
Vanessa September 18, 2004
I've been busy these past few weeks. For anyone who has asked or is interested, I finally have new copies of Destiny Unlimited. It's a limited edition with a new cover (photo of water with rainbow courtesy of a wonderful photographer named Jim Bradshaw. You can visit him at I'm not sure whether bookstores will have access to the new version of Destiny Unlimited since for now copies are limited. However, you can order from my site using this order form and get free shipping.
Sunday, August 22, 2004, I visited with Ora Mathews (a.k.a. Polly) in Bessemer, Alabama and guests. It's funny how things work out, but that's what happens when you're obedient to the voice of God; He'll work things to your good every time and bless you beyond measure. Polly invited some people into her home to introduce them to me and my books. I really had a great time meeting wonderful folks and in some cases, being introduced to others I've known from a distance but hadn't formally met. Be sure to check out the photos. I had a great time!
Thursday, August 26, 2004, I spoke to the graduates of the Focused Industry Training (FIT) program at Shelton State Community College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In my speech, I used the function of the telescope and the microscope as it pertains to our own dreams. To bring that which is far away closer and that which is almost invisible to the naked eye into view. It's about making things (our dreams) clearer and in focus. So what are you focused on? Then bring it closer, make it clear, and bring it into view.
Saturday, August 28, 2004, I met with the Chayah (pronounced Ca-yah) Book Club in Birmingham, Alabama. Talk about a group of women I'm proud to call "sisters", these are they. I really enjoyed the warmth, spirit, passion, devotion, and love they shared. Sharmon Threatt opened up her home and they made me feel so special. But the discussion of Promises Beyond Jordan was deep and interesting and made me proud to call myself an author. I read them the first 2 chapters of my new novel, Wings of Grace, and if they're any indication of the reaction and reception this book will receive, you guys had better put your seatbelts on. Check out the photos from this event.
I'm trying not to be too longwinded in my WEBlogging, but it's hard. I have so much fun chatting with you!
Until next time...
Vanessa Davis Griggs
Click to see photos during this log.
Polly's Reception for Vanessa
Reception at Polly's home in
Bessemer, Alabama on
August 22, 2004
Graduation Ceremony at Shelton State
Graduation ceremony at
Shelton State Community College
August 26, 2004
Cayah Book Club discussion
Chayah Book Club discussing
in Birmingham, Alabama
August 28, 2004
Cayah Book Club
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The reason it's taken me so long to get these pictures online is, I didn't want to put them up in a rush. These people really blessed me when I visited Maryland back in April 2004. I've had a lot going on and there were a lot of pictures to work with. Enjoy as I reminisce...
On Friday, April 2, 2004, I visited with two book clubs: Reflections of Soul and Nubian Circle. We had a great time. At least, I did :-). Thanks Yvette for the invite! What was funny (besides the discussions) was that I'd not seen a hardcover of Promises Beyond Jordan until I went to this meeting. I was trying to be cool, but I really wanted to check the book out I was signing just because it was the first time I'd touched a book of mine in hardcover. I'm over it now, so no one has to worry about me "cuddling" their book should this come up in the future.
Saturday, April 3, I had a signing at Borders Bookstore in Bowie. I met this wonderful couple: Marie and Jimmy. They were there when I arrived (and I was early so they were even earlier than me). Funny how God works, but I'll let you know some more about this part in a later entry (you'll understand when I pen that one, so check back the update). Anyway, Borders had chairs set up, and I remember thinking, "I don't know if we're going to need chairs." You see, sometimes I visit a city and no one knows about me, so I'm left to tackle, I mean, politely stop people to tell them about my book (I did not trip that person, I don't care what anyone says!)
Well, thank you to the folks who blessed my heart by coming out that day. We ended up having the most lively wonderful discussion. It was SRO. There was a woman there with all three of my books! She was with the Pins & Curls Book Club. She even had the old edition of Destiny Unlimited. It appears she purchased the books when I was in Baltimore two years earlier. When she found out I was in town, she came out with some members of her book club.
Imagine also my delight when some of the folks who had been so very supportive of Promises Beyond Jordan, even before BET rereleased it, were there. Angie Moore with Greater Mount Nebo A.M.E. Bookstore and many others came. There were others there as well. I am so blessed when I think back to the wonderful supportive people I've had the pleasure of meeting doing what I love.
I have more to say, but I don't want to write a book. I'll keep some things and write them in the next entry. On those days when it seems like nothing is going right for you, concentrate on what you have and not on what you don't have. Count your blessings and you won't have time to think about the negatives. Before you know anything, THAT TOO will have passed!
Until next time...
Vanessa Davis Griggs
Click to see photos during this log.
Now, I'm really behind
getting these pictures on the Web site
(Click here or the date to see ALL of the
photos added from April 2-3, 2004 trip).
Reflections & Nubian Circle Book Clubs
Reflections of Soul & Nubian Circle
Book Club discussion in
Millersville, Maryland on April 2, 2004
Pins & Curl Book Club
A few members of
Pins & Curls Book Club while at
Borders Bookstore in Bowie, Maryland
April 3, 2004
Greater Mt. Nebo A. M. E. Church group
Members & friends supporting from the
Greater Mt. Nebo A. M. E. Church
Bookstore at Borders on April 3, 2004.
Borders Bookstore Booksigning
at Borders Bookstore
April 3, 2004 in Bowie, Maryland
I finally got my web site back up and running! YEAH! The hosting server I was using turned out to have all kinds of problems, all of our sites were down indefinitely, and their response to any inquiries about when we could expect to be back up was the pits. Needless to say, I have changed companies and ended up with (check them out if you're looking for a hosting server, tell Mike I sent you!). Mike got me set up, made sure everything was working, his customer service was attentive, and I was back in business in record time. I worked two days (nonstop) to get all my files and photos loaded (I hope you guys like looking at all the pictures; there were a few times I thought about not uploading them because of all the work and time involved). Anyway, it feels good to be back (for me anyway). If you've signed my guest book in the past, you'll have to sign it anew. I had to leave everything when I changed servers.
I spoke at a graduation ceremony on Thursday, July 15, 2004, in Bessemer, Alabama. To sum up my speech: "You're a gift. Don't leave here without giving your gift to the world. When people try to tell you who you are, what you can't do, what you can't have, what you can't be in life...when they tell you you're a nobody; you tell them: YOU don't know me! Don't let other people negatively define who you are or what you can accomplish in life. Remember: THEY don't know you ;-)" I said some other stuff about traveling the road of life and knowing where you are first before you can travel effectively in the direction you'd like to go. Okay, so I guess I'll sign off now. Until next time . . .
Vanessa Davis Griggs
I've decided to start keeping an online log for those of you who are interested in what I'm doing or where I've been lately. This way you can see some of the pictures I've taken while I was out jetting around, and I can fill you in a bit by using an online journal format.
I'm really behind with all the photos I've taken in the last year or so (for past photos from 1999-2001 be sure to visit the photo gallery). I decided it would be too much for me to recap the past 2 years I've missed trying to put up all those photos, so I'll just reflect back now starting with the past few months and do better job (hopefully) going forward.
Because I'm recapping many events and months, you can click the link below to see all the photos I'm adding this go round. I have visited book stores for signings, book club discussion meetings, been on radio, television, attended events such as the Faith-based Fiction Lovers' Ball, T. D. Jakes' Mega Fest in Atlanta, Mark Victor Hansen's Mega Marketing (mega seems to be the big word for the year, huh? ;-).
Well, I certainly have met some mega folks with mega hearts and my life has been mega affected in a mega-tively positive way. Oops! I'd better stop before I get points taken away from the search engines who think I'm only trying to mega-influence the keyword mega.
Don't forget to CLICK HERE (or July 5, 2004 date above or below) to see all the photos I've put up for this entry. I have to run now. BET Books awaits information from me on the next two books I am proposing. BUT my next book will be released from BET Books/New Spirit February 2005. So stay tuned... As soon as I get a copy of the cover, I'll share it here first, with you! What's the name of the February 2005 release? :-)
Some of you know it. I'll list it later for those of you who don't. But trust me, I can't wait for you guys to read this one! BET Books is billing it as a sequel, but if you've ever talked to me, I tell people I don't do sequels, I do spin-offs. To-mato, tom-a-to. Oh well, you know what they say about writers... (What do they say? No really. What do they say?)
Vanessa Davis Griggs
Click to see photos for this log.
Sybil Wilkes & Vanessa Davis Griggs
Sybil Wilkes of the
"Tom Joyner Morning Show"
Mark "Pinman" Perez & Vanessa Davis Griggs
Mark "Pinman" Perez 
Mark Victor Hansen & Vanessa Davis Griggs
Mark Victor Hansen of
Chicken Soup for the Soul ©
Wise & Witty Women Book Club
Wise & Witty Book Club
Adline C. Clarke & Vanessa Davis Griggs
Adline C. Clarke
Black Classics Books Mobile, AL
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